Monthly Archives: May 2016

What’s Fueling the Trend Toward Transit-Oriented Retail Locations

As the landscape seems to shift beneath the feet of retail, developers are finding innovative ways to bring consumers and retail together. An idea that is gathering momentum in many cities is what’s known as Transit-Oriented Development. In order to put retail where the customers are, developers are targeting travel hubs, like airports or railway…
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Corporate America Opens Up to Co-Working

Co-working has really just been around for about a decade, and it’s already cutting its hair and putting on a tie. The practice was born in the start-up culture, favored by entrepreneurs, freelancers, and independent innovators. In recent years, co-working has matured, and is now an option that’s appealing to more structured corporate organizations as…
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Meet the Panarras’ – Our Property Management Team!

Katie and Mimi Panarra (Panera) are a mother and daughter property management dream team. Katie, a graduate of Washington State University, joined Coldwell Banker Commercial in 2009. Mimi, a previous owner and manager of La Bella Mi Spa, would join CBC in 2012 as an administrative assistant. It wasn't long before Mimi was promoted to…
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