139th Street Overpass Opens

captureOver fifteen years of hard work, 150 million dollars of investment, and a consistent vision for an improved community comes to life Wednesday with the ribbon cutting ceremony and the opening of the 139th Street overpass in Salmon Creek.  Not all the work will have been completed says WSDOT – there remain some ramp improvements that need to be finalized and some landscaping, but the East -West passage envisioned in the late 1990′s to help relieve the congestion on 134th Street – especially during the evening rush hour is ready for live traffic.

The past twelve months has seen great amounts of activity in the commercial real estate market as developers look at the impact this new traffic flow will have, specifically near the 10th Ave roundabout and to the north of Fred Meyer. It won’t take long for this pocket to fill in.

 --Jim West, Broker