Is the Clark County Commercial Market Growing Stronger?

A recent article in Friday Sept 21st’s Columbian revealed that the Bank of Amercia building downtown at 8th and Broadway has had an influx of four new tenants.  With a total of 30,000 square feet added to their rent rolls the owners of the property are certain to be pleased with the increased revenues.  Broker Tamara Fuller was encouraged by the pick up in activity.  However there seemed a fair number of comments within the community that at best this was a shifting of local tenants from one set of spaces to another, and didn’t indicate any fundamental shift in the market.

On one hand they have a point.  Several of the tenants did acquire larger space, and there will be an increase in overall space now occupied within the market.   We all know that for the market to be completely healthy again, employment levels must increase so that more employers will hire, and hopefully need to expand their space needs.

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