Meet the Panarras’ – Our Property Management Team!

Panarras_CropKatie and Mimi Panarra (Panera) are a mother and daughter property management dream team. Katie, a graduate of Washington State University, joined Coldwell Banker Commercial in 2009. Mimi, a previous owner and manager of La Bella Mi Spa, would join CBC in 2012 as an administrative assistant. It wasn't long before Mimi was promoted to the property management division working directly with her daughter Katie. Together they manage our portfolio in a way that only family could. They understand each other and are very effective as a team.

"We enjoy working in the property management division because it’s always a challenge. The circumstances of each property change constantly so there is never a dull moment. The success of our team depends heavily on good communication and our abilitly to adapt quickly. While communication as mother and daughter throughout the years was much different, now we find that we compliment each other as a property management team." -- Katie Panarra

Suzy Clayton and Stephanie Jenkins also work closely with the property management division. All of their profiles can be seen here on our property management page.