On The Move!

The most recent edition of the Vancouver Business Journal published an article I submitted on an accelerating trend in the Commercial Real Estate market.  The article titled Is it Time to Move ?  noted that the Business Journal had highlighted  for several weeks in a row local companies who were making the move from leasing to buying their business properties.

Going back through transaction histories from the past year we assembled a list of over twenty local companies who’d made the same decision.  This list is by no means  comprehensive.  There are others we didn’t include and several in progress that will become public knowledge in the next few months.

The article highlights 5 factors that have helped support this trend. The trend will continue to accelerate as long as the Federal Reserve maintains their low interest rate policies.

If you are  within a year to eighteen months of having your lease expire and would like to explore the potential of moving from leasing to owning your business property – Attend  our Commercial Property 101 workshop.  Scheduled Wednesday Nov 7.

-- Jim West
Coldwell Banker Commercial Jenkins & Associates