Sharma vision comes to life

By Jim West | CBC Broker

A three year odyessy is about to be completed, with a  ground breaking ceremony, scheduled in the middle of July.

In early  2011 Dr. Sanjeev Sharma owner of Premier Dental in Camas, set his sites on purchasing  a small parcel of vacant land in front of the Wal-Mart on 192nd and Mill Plain Blvd. During our initial  conversation he envisioned the increasing development momentum we see out there today and wanted to find a way to benefit from owning his business property in that area.

It took an eighteen month effort into mid 2012 to complete the sale of the .84 acre parcel. Wrestling with Wal-Mart is not an easy task.  Since then there has been work on two fronts. Ron Frederiksen and his ream with RSV Building Solutions have been laying the foundations by developing the drawings and working through the permitting process with the City of Vancouver.

At CBC Jenkins & Associates, we’ve been marketing the property to prospective companies  and are excited to announce Verizon Wireless will be partnering with us to build one of their 3200 square foot, cutting edge retail stores on the north end of the parcel, while Café Yumm will be entering the Clark County market for the first time, and bring their healthy delicious offerings to the south endcap.

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