Stop Leasing: Own your Business Property

Leasing or buying? Which path is the most effective in helping your company grow?

Jim West of Coldwell Banker Commercial will provide financial planning analysis tools to help answer these questions and determine if leasing or buying is the best use of your capital.

Learn key fundamentals  the commercial loan process from expert Deborah Oester, Vice President  with Columbia Credit Union.   Deborah  will walk you through the process of preparing company financial information for presentation to commercial lenders, and help  you understand  what happens behind the scenes with bank regulators that drives some of the credit process.

Jim Bright  of Northwest Business Development Center will show you how the SBA 504 loan, with 10% down and a twenty year fixed rate of interest may be your best tool in acquiring a commercial property.

Learn how to make a partner of your county or city and overcome development pitfalls. Ron Frederiksen of RSV Building Solutions will provide an overview of the process and a single point of contact to manage your projects.