Back-to-School Season Has Arrived

If you have kids, you might not be thrilled that it is back-to-school season. I can't say that I'm overly excited about it. With school approaching in a few short weeks I will be spending the next couple of days shopping for school clothes for my two elementary age children. I'd love to keep their closets stocked with their clothes from the previous year, however, their bodies grow like weeds in anticipation of a new wardrobe.

In my household, we reuse backpacks. If it isn't damaged then it is used again. Pencils, crayons, folders, notebooks, glue, erasers, pencil boxes and rulers aren't as durable. Well, one ruler came back strong last year. My daughter will reuse it this year. All of these items and more are on the Vancouver School District School Supply list. Our company is hosting a supply drive through the end of August to help The Foundation for Vancouver Public Schools provide these items to children who need it most.

My kids are looking forward to shopping for these items today. One asked me this morning if we could go to the store before I went to work. I've told both of them that while we shop for their own supplies we will also be shopping for another student their age from another school. Every time we donate their toys and clothes we discuss those less fortunate than us. My children are glad to give their toys and clothes to other kids that might not have much of either. They're young, but they definitely understand the concept of helping others who really need it. The school supply drive is something that they can relate to at their age and I'm so proud of them for being excited to give to someone else.

- Kristin Ashenfelter
Here is an article in today's Columbian that lists other drives in Vancouver and Battleground.