The Academy Campaign


What if we don’t preserve the Academy?

It’s difficult to imagine the Vancouver skyline without the Academy cupola and what it represents. A purchaser other than the Trust may not appreciate the historic value of the Academy. A failure to properly restore the building, or to develop its surrounding acreage, may not only jeopardize the Academy’s place on the National Historic Register, but may place the building itself in jeopardy. The Trust understands and deeply values the importance of safeguarding this opportunity and the Academy’s place in history.

The Fort Vancouver National Trust will purchase and restore the Academy buildings and property, preserving its heritage and ensuring its active and continued use.

As the third and final owner of the Academy, the Trust will serve as a steward of this magnificent community and regional asset. Building on its historical significance, the Trust will continue to provide for community gathering and commercial space needs by restoring and maintaining the grounds and building in perpetuity. This acquisition will strengthen and diversify the revenue streams of the Trust, further ensuring the development of programs and operations of the Fort Vancouver National Site and enhancing the Trust’s goal as a self-sustaining nonprofit. The purchase of these seven acres of prime real estate in downtown Vancouver, Washington, accompanied by the restoration and renovation of the historic structures, will enhance the economic vitality of the city’s core and provide an important connection between downtown and Fort Vancouver. For some, this property represents a place of pilgrimage, faith and commitment. For others, it symbolizes opportunity to experience firsthand what the vision and determination of one pioneer woman accomplished. The acquisition will preserve this important piece of Northwest history for all.

How much do we need to purchase the Academy?

We need to raise $16 million in the next 12 months to ensure that both the purchase and the restoration of the Academy are fully funded.

An aggressive, yet necessary approach is required to take advantage of several opportunities that are available during the next twelve months. Clearly, this is an unparalleled opportunity for the Trust to acquire the Academy and to restore it to a pristine state. The Trust greatly appreciates the Hidden family’s generosity in selling the Academy for more than $2 million less than its listing price. The Hiddens have extended this offer for a one year period because of their belief that the Trust provides the best hope for preservation and restoration of this historic property, for which they have served as stewards for more than forty years. In addition to raising the capital to acquire the Academy, the Trust also needs to secure funding to facilitate the restoration of this iconic historic structure. Accordingly, while $10.6 million will enable its purchase, the balance of funds raised will be dedicated to associated site review, organizational capacity, and building restoration.

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