Suzy Clayton

"I grew up in a family whose most important beliefs were to be truthful and help others which developed my strong sense of doing the right thing. I’ve worked with Mike Jenkins since 1996 with MAJ Commercial Real Estate and MAJ Development, where these strong values have always been appreciated. Throughout the years Mike and I have enjoyed seeing the positive outcome of our hard work through the success of these companies.

Our success was achieved by creating solid policies and processes, and by bringing together a strong team of people who possess the same values of doing the right thing. We believe each team member and their families are to be valued. Each day I look forward to working with this group of intelligent, hard-working, family oriented people. All of us strive to provide the best service to our clients, vendors, tenants and each other."

Suzy Clayton
Operations Manager
D: 360.823.5106

Suzy joined Bob Bernhardt Associates in 1997 and has been a driving force behind its growth and success. In the beginning her main focus was technology that would bring the office up to speed and keep it continuously at the forefront. With over 42 years of office administration and operations experience, she has put together a talented and efficient support staff capable of handling all operational and marketing responsibilities.

As a licensed real estate broker, Suzy has the opportunity to not only manage operations and work with the Property Management Division team but assist brokers in finding solutions to a variety of situations. While managing a high energy and hard-working office, she worked with a group of administrators, marketers, IT personnel and brokers throughout the country to develop systems and tools to offer the best real estate solutions for commercial real estate companies, their brokers and clients.

During her time with the company, it has gone from a small commercial division to one of the top Commercial Real Estate offices in the nation. In 2000 she was given a national Commercial Office Manager of the Year award.

There have been many changes during Suzy’s time with the company. In 2005 Michael Jenkins became co-owner of Bernhardt Associates Inc. with Bob & Karen Bernhardt. In 2012 Michael became sole owner of the company. In 2018 the company became Jenkins Associates Inc., MAJ Commercial Real Estate.

It was a natural progression for Suzy to become the operation and accounting manager of MAJ Development Corporation, a commercial property development company started by Michael in 2009. MAJ Development understands what it takes to navigate the numerous nuances of the commercial development process and endeavors to ensure a project’s success despite an ever-changing real estate environment. Both MAJ Commercial Real Estate and MAJ Development work together to build strong, mutually-beneficial relationships with all clients they serve.