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July 2012 Hotel Update

July 2012 Hotel Update: Greg L. Goforth, Director of Coldwell Banker Commercial Jenkins & Associates, Hotel Division reports his opinion: Goforth mentions that the “hotel” transaction market is still very challenging, especially in the sub markets. The primary markets, or metro markets have the greatest activity, price per rooms hover well over $200,000 per key.…
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The Time is Now to Expand Existing Portfolios

Greg L. Goforth, Director of Hospitality for the Coldwell Banker Commercial Jenkins & Associates says the asset class in commercial real estate that can see huge gains in the short term is the Hotel sector. Business is looking good for the next few years based upon limited supply being added over the last few years.…
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Hotel Forecast Update for 2012

HOTEL Forecast Update Update for 2012 BY: HotelNewsNow.com and Chad Church / STR - ATTACHED Sent from: Greg L. Goforth / Coldwell Banker Commercial, JBA - Hotel Division Greg’s recap and cliff notes: How do we rate or score next year’s Hotel forecast? Whose prediction do you trust the most? I like the attached report…
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