Stephanie came to the company with experience in business as a claims adjudicator with Maritime Life Assurance in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Because her position at the company was not full time she left for a position with Knowledge Universe in the Finance Department, processing federal claims for reimbursement to Centers across the United States.

After seven years, when the entire finance department at Knowledge University was closed, she left to pursue an Associates degree in Business Administration at Clark College. While attending Clark College with a 3.8 GPA, she also worked in Career Services and the eLearning Department.In 2014 Stephanie returned to the company as an Administrative Assistant.

She now works for both company’s processing accounting and administrative responsibilities. Her goals are to continue with a degree in business and broaden her knowledge of the Commercial Real Estate and Development Industry. She also inspires and supports her youngest son to pursue his career as a broker in Commercial Real Estate. In her spare time she loves capturing those special moments with photography.

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