Congratulations Bryan Ward!


Bryan Ward is bringing new life to the St Johns area with his new brewpub called Victor 23. Bryan teamed up with our own Jim West to purchase the property located at 2905 St. Johns Boulevard in November of 2015. For over thirty years this property was home to a Smokey's pizza and was ready for refurbishment.

“It was just a run down, broken down building, but I saw something in it that I liked. I knew once everything was out of the building that it was exactly what I was looking for.” Bryan stated for the Vancouver Business Journal.

The new building will seat approximately 30 people with an outside patio that will host an additional 20. Jim West and everyone here at Coldwell Banker Commercial Jenkins & Associates, want to congratulate Bryan Ward on acquiring this property and your new business! We can't wait to see the finished product this August!

For a link to the article featured in The Vancouver Business Journal
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