New Oregon Laws, Some That May Affect Non-Residents.

New laws to take effect in Oregon. One such change is the "I have to use it for work" excuse on a hand held cell phone while driving. Only emergency personnel can use a hand held cell phone. Wireless headsets are still legal. Here are some other changes coming soon according to KGW Local News. (Link to Article Below)

-- The minimum wage will go up 30 cents to $8.80 an hour.

-- Most energy efficient appliances will no longer be eligible for tax credits, nor will alternative-fuel vehicles and vehicle conversion equipment.

-- Gift cards that have been used at least once and have less than $5 in value will be redeemable for cash.

-- Filing a false report of child abuse will be punishable by a $720 fine.

-- Youth in the Oregon foster care system will be eligible for free college tuition.

-- Big commercial trucks will have to shut of their engines while idling to prevent pollution and save energy.